Why Your Business Needs Marketing Translation


While your logo and slogan make you recognised, it’s your written content that makes you remembered.

From your website content to your product descriptions, words play a significant role in attracting, engaging and converting an audience.

If you’re ready to launch your product in a foreign market, consider enlisting the help of a professional marketing translator. Here’s why.

Customers favour content written in their mother tongue

Tailoring your content to foreign audiences instantly bolsters your brand’s reputation among online customers. Since 65% of consumers prefer content in their own language, the easiest way to turn visitors into customers is by offering them informative, entertaining content written in their mother tongue.

Freelance translators usually only translate into their native language. Thus, they are the best choice for delivering authentic-sounding, memorable content aligned with your brand.

You’ll be able to reach your target customer

With a specialist marketing translator, you can effectively communicate your USP, brand values and benefits to your ideal customer.

Most translators provide a personalised approach, meaning they’ll usually discuss your goals, requirements and audience before even starting the translation. This helps them to adopt the most appropriate style, tone of voice, register and terminology to best appeal to your overseas clientele and win their lasting loyalty.

That’s a promise agencies and bilingual friends can’t consistently deliver.

You will strengthen your brand’s identity on a global scale

Working with a freelance marketing translator can ensure you look your best in a foreign market. Specialised in their field and masters in their given language, you’ll be working with someone who understands the language’s beliefs, customs and latest trends.

A qualified marketing translator conveys your message in another language and culture while preserving all the nuances that make you you. The result? A greater respect from an overseas audience and an overall stronger brand identify.

You can expect consistency

Thanks to the one-on-one communication most translation agencies cannot provide, a freelance marketing translator is committed to getting to know the ins and outs of your brand. As a result, they will translate your brochures, press releases, and social media posts with your brand always in mind.

Unlike agencies, there’ll only be one person working on your project, removing the risk of your translator being swapped out in the middle of an assignment. So you can rest assured that your translation will be consistent and seamless.

Need your marketing materials translated from German or English into Italian? Let’s discuss your project today.

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