Benefits of Working with a Technical Translator


Are you looking to export your automotive, mechanical or renewable energy products to a foreign market? Or perhaps you’re simply hoping to develop connections with overseas companies and technicians? In either case, it sounds like you need a professional, freelance technical translator by your side.

Let me point out a few benefits of hiring a freelance technical translator over a translation agency – or a bilingual friend.

A direct, one-on-one approach tailored to your needs

Entering a new market can be scary. You want to make your mark and encourage companies and individuals to work with you without drifting from your core brand values.

A qualified technical translator can help you achieve that.

With no intermediaries, you can enjoy a one-on-one partnership and a technical translation tailored to your language, style and brand values.

Enhanced credibility in your field

When you’re doing business in or with another country, you can’t afford for anything to go wrong. That’s why it’s always best to choose a translator with credentials in the technical sector. They’ll provide the consistency, knowledge and insight to deliver an impeccable translation that inspires trust and sets the foundation for long-term business relationships.

A precise, high-quality translation that converts

Technical texts demand accurate, specialised language and knowledge. Whether it’s for a user guide or an operating manual, the translator employs sector-specific terminology and abides by field regulations to certify the credibility of your documents in another language.

A friend who can speak both the source and target languages may save you money, but you have to ask yourself: is this person truly qualified to carry out your project?

Most professional translators have years of experience. In addition to their linguistic knowledge, they tend to be qualified in one or several industries.

Confidentiality and security to keep your integrity intact

Entrusting your documents in one pair of hands instead of several (or possibly more!) is the easiest way to guarantee data protection.

When you’re working on something secretive or on a concept that could easily be replicated, the last thing you want is for your documents to get into the wrong hands.

That’s the risk with translation agencies. Your sensitive data gets passed around from person to person, heightening the chance of it landing in the wrong inbox.

With a freelance translator, your materials will be better protected – because you’re only entrusting it to one individual. Nobody else!

Hire a professional freelance technical translator today

Since 2004, I’ve helped numerous companies across Europe with English and German to Italian technical translations.

Please get in touch if you’d like to work with me on your technical documentation!

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